Google Let Us Step Accross the Steps

While we feel that Google make our life easier, we do not know if in fact, it makes our life harder. If our boss or our professor ask us to do some research, and if we do not use Google, then we cannot follow other people who use it. If one spends their time just to look for the book in library, surely his friend can get more information to present to the class or workplace. The studying time becomes more rush and more competitive, but less thoughtful.

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With this large amount of information appearing within one click, Google forces us to forget the old way to think. This new generation do not need to think step by step, because the final of every step is right in front of them. For example, if we wanted to make a small roof to shade the window 20 years ago, we would adjudge the angle many times until we found the right angle that the roof would prevent the direct sunlight in summer and allow the direct sunlight in the winter; but if we make the roof for shading the window today, we will Google and click on a website which have a professional language, and we will follow its direction to make exactly the same angle as what it says, even we do not know if the location of our house and the location of the house in the website have different sun angles. This example shows, that Google makes us lazy to make some experiment. If we notice our physic text book, all those formulas were found before 20th century, even many people believe that we are smarter than our ancestors.

While the whole world blames those Chinese entrepreneurs who copy the products of famous brands and sells them for cheap, we do not realize ourselevs that our brain and out thought slowly turn to be just like them. As currently I am taking classes in the master degree of a famous university, I really shock that some classmates copied whole sample website from online tutorial, then they just changed the pictures and texts, and finally, they submitted it to the professor. It seems to me that they do not see how important to learn basic CSS or HTML to make a website, but it is more important for them to finish a fabulous website.

One day, I sat in the classroom, and listened to the presentation. We are all international students, and I has never expected to hear a perfect pronunciation from them as well as I has never expected to hear it from my own mouth. What I found strange is how they group the words or phases in the sentences. If their paper was from their own words, they should not have made that mistake so often. With my curiosity, I asked them after class, and what I guessed is true, that they finished their papers by mixing many professional papers together.

In other words, these people do not answer the question by their own critic, but they just repeat others’ idea from Google. They will never feel anything if some other people steal their work, because they do not feel that their paper or their website is from their idea. Where is the moral that the world used to have?

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