5 ways how to get high ranking on Google!!!

“Sometimes we think that it is unfair, but we still do everything respect the rule, because Google is always God of the World Wide Webs.”

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Google also affects authors’ and artists’ thinking process as same as it does to its users. This is, because the mutual goal of these people is to gain the attention from the audiences, and Google is currently the widest place to advertise the artwork. The old day, authors and artists created the work that they wanted other people to see; for example Karl Marx wrote the book about the socio-political theory, because he wanted people to follow his idea. Today, Google makes authors and artists think in reverse. They would created the things about the keywords that people often paste into the search engine box in order to get a huge number of audience. As I am one of these authors and artists, I learned a few tricks to make my articles and my drawing go on top of search results, as follow.

1. The title of the page or name of drawing has to contain famous keywords. We can check what the most famous keywords in Google AdWords are. When we type a keyword into it, it will tell us how many people search for this keyword in one day.

2. We need to make sure that Google will not misunderstand that our name is misspelled. “Sw Eden”, my pen name is a bad example in this case. If I try to search for “Sw Eden” on Google, Google will automatically change it to be “Sweden”, which is the name of a country.

3. We need to tell Google that our websites exist. Google Webmaster Tools is an application that we can tell the URLs of our websites and get a Meta Tag to paste on the head part of our websites. This is how it looks like, . Yahoo and Bing also have this application. In Yahoo, it is called, “Yahoo! Site Explorer”, and in Bing, it is called, “Bing Webmaster Center”.

4. Number of hyperlinks with the same keywords is also the one of the most important factor to make a website high ranking.

5. The websites owned by Google will always be on the first page of the search results, as we always see Youtube.com and Blogger.com showing up.

If today we want to spread our idea through the book or journal as Karl Marx, we need to follow these tricks to get on top of Google search results. Although the title of the book or the journal is what people would search, the content can be whatever we want to communicate to the audience.

Additionally, the last trick I talk about is an unfair and very painful thing for WordPress.com users. Most WordPress users are the real authors, which means they really write the posts by themselves, and these posts are more than a blog, because they contains the reliable knowledge and the criticism from experienced people. On the other hand, Many Blogger users are teenagers who like to copy the articles from other websites, and also like to upload the music (MP3) of famous artists for their audiences to download. Although the administrator of Blogger is trying to ban those users, Google or Blogger itself does not have a simple form for the copyright owner to report these thievish users. The painful thing that happens to WordPress users is these thievish Blogger users always copy whole articles from WordPress users, and the posts that appear on Google search engine are the posts on Blogger.com.

The answer of how I know that all these things happen is I am one of those who put my name on Google search engine. I always do this about once a month to check my own ranking. When I was a newbie for this ranking system, I thought that if my website was high ranking, I would be a famous person, but that is not true; a high ranking website does not mean a famous website, but it means a famous information in the website, which I found that 90% of the users do not care about the URLs.

All these influences from Google search engine could be a big part of evolution of online writing and artwork. While the users who own high ranking websites feel that they have the power, the person who has the highest power is Google, because it can force these users to create the article and artwork along its rule.

* Anne Zelenka , “Would You Change Your Name for Google’s Sake?” GigaOM, May 8, 2007, accessed June 7, 2011, http://gigaom.com/collaboration/open-thread-would-you-change-your-name-for-googles-sake.
* “Learn WordPress: From Zero to Hero” WordPress, accessed June 8, 2011, http://learn.wordpress.com.

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