When young people want to be a happy webmaster!

Having my own website is one of the best dreams for me because I can help other children to learn easier, practice my computer skills and make relationship with old friends.

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All student knows how hard to understand all words of teacher in classroom at the first time, but when I finished those course, I could write it in my own word. I believe that two men in the same age can learn together better that different ages, may because of less hiatus. Nowadays, the internet is very common for every person, means the students can learn my summarized lesson easily so no frustration.

In a page of website is compounded with many artwork and math reckoning. If I want to write one, I have to create shortcuts, icons, and something decorate, this I use my art skills. If I want to do everything to be coincident, I have to reckon before create my art work such as; how many pixels per picture, what is the length of normal scene and impact of table bold to the number of pixels. this mean, when my website is done, I get many skills form many subjects.

This kind of website is not easy to make it by oneself because it contains knowledge documents that must be analyzed. One cannot expert in every section, many men should cooperate to brainstorm, and then this work can be perfect. When many people work together, the secondary result is the great relationship that’s called ‘teamwork’.

In conclusion, webmasters could be happy for children’s benefits, get many experience form web making and they will never forget the big friendship.

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Me, Eden wrote this article in February 11, 2006. Today (late 2011) I found this file in a folder of my laptop, and I can see how much I grow up. This is why Angelina Jolie always says that the time is the most beautiful things in the world.

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