Games are as important for adults as they are for children : Sample Essay

Although the topic of this essay is “Games are as important for adults as they are for children”, I did not answer it clearly, but I try to tell the reader that “Games are as the disaster for adults as they are for children”. I write in therm of computer games or online games, but I believe that if you talk about sport games, that will be really really important for all ages.

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Games are as important for adults as they are for children

I do doubt about the saying, “Maturity and minority are alike on this kind of pastime, games wanting.” On the other hand, it is hard to accept that games can kill both adults’ and children’s lives. Games are not he appropriate and necessary living factor because of lost friends, strain, aloofness, laziness and non treating body.

Most of adults believe children and games are not mixed with their life experiences. Avoid eating food, escape from home, fail the exam, and sleep after midnight, they do, but some bodies use their initiative and can rail that they can mange their lives and they are not the kids at all. In my opinion, it’s no quality for trust and some of adults’ contemplations are worse than children’s because some adults are corruptionists, smokers and thieves, but children are not. The games players do not concern what is the life’s abundance. They prefer to play only games and don’t need to advance themselves with other activities. Here, it is referring to born games for lazy men and not for diligent men.

The games players are understood that games are their fraternal friends who diminish their seriousness. They have never considered to the seriousness from games which occur when they play. In additional, games will raze their eye-sight and routine. If ones are the games addicts, they will get bad relationship which the wrong determinability although games can make them to be the fast determiner. The others, they can get from games, are the independences the triumph, ruin and dead making and rashness that can find in realize and the outcome is the emulation of the true society, they cannot struggle. For the games players’ societies, they are able to talk and fun together but it is only the minority while the hiatus is between them and the others, will be larger with aloofness in games playing room. Moreover, in the games playing room does hold them inside so the health is not good and easier to be illness.

Overall, games are the life killer in many ways; work, friendship, society, and health. I wish to give some words for defining ‘games‘: ‘the race of the rack’, ‘the racy of the rage’ and ‘the raise of the rashness’.

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