What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city? Why? Sample Essay

The good example of essay should be the one that answer the question. Regularly, people show that they answer the question by rewrite the essay topic in their own words as the introduction or first paragraph. After you read my example written in 2005, you will be able to say if it is a good essay or bad essay.

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2005 ESSAY
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What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city? Why?

In my opinion, he likes my city because Bangkok has everything, makes your good life and good health with fertile objects. Everywhere I know, does not have this fertile objects and everywhere I know, isn’t like this city.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Surface of this country is an island, has river around. The size of river has many kinds of boats. Thai people always go to temple everyday and they are very kind. If you fail down and couldn’t stand by yourself, not fear, someone will hold you.

The communication is very comfortable. Bangkok has the best post. You could send your letter with the money only 3 baht and make a call only 3 baht too. For going to other place, Bangkok has three kinds of train; BTS train, subway and regular rail system. Bus, taxi, van, motor cycle, you can’t forget this kind of car; Tuk Tuk, it’s prominent of Bangkok and the foreigner like to use their services.

For your vacation, your can go to super market, market, university, Thai temple, park and boat for going around Bangkok. If you have business, you can go to government service. If you have some sick, you can go to hospitals and clinics. I am sure that the service of every city that is progress like Bangkok is not cheaper than Bangkok.

Normally, every body know this, they will choose to go to this city. If you cannot design by yourself, I and Bangkok friends will advice your come here and never have the others appropriate with you like this.

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