Why do you think people visit museums when they travel to new places? Sample Essay

Although this essay was written in 2005, or when I was 17 years own, my point of view through the museum has never changed. 5 years that I was in New York City, I always visited any museum as much as I can. I pay for full price for the ticket, and donating price for the government one. I feel I am lucky, because New York City is the city with the highest number of museums in the planet earth.

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2005 ESSAY
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Why do you think people visit museums when they travel to new places?

I stay in Thailand. I am a student. I have to learn the history of Thailand for my knowledge. How are we born and how did we grow? When I was traveling to other places, I couldn’t learn with their students but I had to know. So I went to their museums. Is this speech real?

In fact, the purpose of local history and society learning isn’t the same of the others. The students learn their home town history for repenting in their nation but they have a journey and learn about the history of the place for the new experiences. We can find the real information from the national museum of that place. Not only the history that we can get it from the museums, it also help us for planning the trip, learning the real culture, know what’s souvenir, and know how we can live in.

I used to go to the neighbor country. I want to the museum before everything I want. I learned the story of the ruins I would go to. So I went to real ruins. My feel and someone’s who didn’t know, are not alike.

Some body told that it’s not necessary for going to museum, the information can find in text book, magazine, television or to ask your friends. I wish to ask you, too. Which place you can find the real information and the real object? Are you sure that your friends don’t fake you?

If you confuse why your friends fake you, I will show you the answer. Some body will show off that he went to everywhere and said that every place was beautiful. This is the style of the rich and the poor would say that it’s more expansive that the thing you can get.

The last, the museum is the place that you can believe the information, calm, comfortable, easy for education, easy for planning the trip, and makes the people can live in the new place with their happiness.

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