Parents are the best teachers? TOEFL Essay

I found this essay without topic in my TOEFL practice folder, so I google for a possible topic, which is “Parents are the best teachers?” or “Are parents the best teachers?”. I do not swear that this essay is the best example, but it is a finish one, and if you can finish it, you get a high points.

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Parents are the best teachers?

The parent is very important for childhood so parent’s character is very important, too. Normally, a man who has good character, everybody wants to be his friend, like this, the parent who wishes his child loves him, he will show his good character, too.

For a childhood’s life, parent is the basic design. The child will copy the character that he finds and thinks it’s good and never thinks it’s wrong. The child looks like the white paper so he can get everything, through in the beginning of life. For example, a child is the thief’s son. he sees his bad father. He loves and thinks the things, his father does, is good things. When his father escapes because of polices, he will hate every police.

The character, parents should do for their child is very easy. Everyone knows that the good thing can do easier than the bad thing. Father and mother or the others in family can do it. The first, they come back to home and give the time for their child, make some amazing things for his fun and happy time, carry him to other places such as a park, a zoo and every place, can make him learn. The second, the child should listen the story that his parents tell. The kind of the story is not hard or difficult for the child and has creation. The end of the story will be happy ending. The last, parent will show that they love him enough which he wants and the child will love the parents, too.

In conclusion, the parents know the things I tell and have to do it for your child, your family and your wonderful life.

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