Sample Claim e-mail form

This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page.

©2011 – The Sw Eden

TO: SW-Eden.NET Editor
CC: The SW Eden Lawyer
SUBJECT: Delete un-copyright photos
BCC: Ryan Ross


Dear SW-Eden.NET Editor

I am a user on SW-Eden.NET who buys a premium account, and many users always disturb me with their uploading photos without their own copyright. This case really makes your website seem not to be professional, because before all user register to a SW-Eden account, they need to read your policy, which includes the copyright law.

I also register for another website to keep my artwork. That website is not big and famous as SW-Eden.NET, but the webmaster really cares about the copyright and right reserve of all customers. That website will delete every photo and artwork that the users do not create by themselves.

SW-Eden.NET is not same as other free-space website that the users can upload anything they want, because SW-Eden.NET always has “© All rights reserved” under every photo. If a SW-Eden user uploads a photo which he gets from other website or magazine, surely he should not be allowed to have “© All rights reserved” of that photo.

From all the reasons I give, I need you to consider removing the photos that the users do not own the copyright. This benefit is for all users who do the right thing and for your own website, too.

W.A. Martini

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