Sample Sale Letter

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©2011 – The Sw Eden

SW EDEN Art Magazine
1 Baromarchonee 1/1
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel : 662-xxx-xxxx
Web :
October 2, 2010

Mr. Jethro Berelson
317 Green Parkway
Crown Heights
Brooklyn, NY 11280

Dear Mr. Berelson:

Get more groups of people to visit the site, and then bring them to your world!

As we know that Rock, Vampire, Gothic, Punk and Emo is the super hot stuff in the world of today. Many people want to know what these things are, but they do not have a good chance to get into it. We should let them start out at a good place where they will never be disappointed. As our experience going into the website of, this website is the easiest way to join the dark community. I will love to see this website having a bigger number of users than others which contain the Gothic community, and now! We will do it together!

When people wants to know about Gothic, they just google it. Our website, Sw-Eden.NET is always on the first page of all search engines. Although we have many types of topics on our website, the most popular type is Rocker, Gothic and Punk. Secretly, we get more than 1,000 clicks per day. We promise that we will never let your banner stay alone. As we are the writers, we will post the new topic to lead our readers to get into your website.

Just pay less and gain more interest. Because we like your stuff so much, so we have a special price for you to advertise on our website. Do you know why? Half of our writers are real Gothic people and we all are the members of your website, too. Why don’t we support our second home?

$10 for a 300 x 75 px banner on your selected topic. $10 is not just renting the space, but we also provide a hot quote to connect our post to your website, too. Or if you want to have more views from all topics we post, you pay $100 for a 150 x 150 px advertise box.

Let’s start together! Grabbing more people to join our cult. Adventising on our Gothic tone website and become the king of all those Gothic community. We are waiting for you to show up in our world.


Sw Eden
President of Sw Eden’s World

P.S. Respond before October 20, so that we can prepare a website’s theme to support you for our most important day, “Halloween”.

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