Television has destroyed communication among friends and family: TOEFL essay

I wrote this essay for practicing before taking a TOEFL test in 2005. Now, 2011, I feel this topic is already out of date. Nowadays, we should have some topic related to Facebook, Google Plus or some other famous social network website.

Although I have never taken the TOEFL test for long time, I believe that they develop their exam a lot, because when I google this topic, all sample essays were written before 2009.

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2005 ESSAY
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Television has destroyed communication among friends and family

A television is as same as a necessary factor, the most of people must have. Every day, they watch the television which has benefit and non – benefit. In this article will tell about the non – benefit that I think.

No one does not use the time for watching television and everyone wants to watch it for end of reason. Someone stick with in front of television nearly 10 hours per day. Someone watch a football match until morning and replace by sleeping in office or school. The results of the above will destroy your communication among your friends and your family.

The bad results are as follows. Movie watching man love to watch the movie and certainly, every movie has the bad man and the director also composes that the bad man is smarter than the hero such as Halloween and Harry Potter. Soap Opera watching man will get and absorb he jealous character. Pop music radio watching man will see someone who has many girlfriends in the same time is normal. Varity watching man will understand that everybody can do every thing for the money. Now, Sport doesn’t like Sport and Sport watching man doesn’t interest in because an athlete will get a lot of money if he wins the match. So the sport doesn’t have spirit. Star and entertainment watching man is influenced by the well known star to buy the brand name. Nevertheless, the most of knowledge from the news are the bad news because reporters like to find if for their audiences.

Every reason can be summarized that television has never given thing for every watching man and makes the destroying relationship between all around people. So everybody between will find the other relaxation for love and communication development. it’s better than kill the time with television.

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