Be careful New Yorker in Sydney: Please be afraid of Death

“Don’t leave your life on the street”

I am The Sw Eden, I am Thai, and I had been New Yorker for 5 years. My walking habits became just like New Yorker then. For example, I stand on the street while I waited the traffic walking sign to across the street; I ran across the street even the red sign was beeping; and I could not wait the slow walkers, then I need to ran on the street to beat them.

People in Sydney are really really slow walkers. They have a lot of time to walk. We need to understand this point. They like to hold the hand of each others and do not let anyone breaks their hands. Just take a minute to think about this situation. If you are in hurry, and you cannot pass through these people. I know it is very disturb. Sometimes I had to jump down onto the street to reach before them.

But be careful again, the car in Sydney is not like the car in New York. Remember! the drivers are not humans, because they will drive as fast as they can as the law allows them. They do not care if they will hit someone on the street as long as they have their right to drive. This is similar to some driver in Thailand, but I could not find any of these in New York. How the New Yorkers drive is much slower than how they walks.

New Yorkers walk fast. Everyone is in hurry. New Yorkers will run even the red walking sign is beeping. Different from the people in Sydney, they will stop walking in this case, because they all know that the drivers are so cruel.

Anyway, I have to leave the New Yorker habits and become Bangkoker again. Wake up early, just to spend more time waiting for other people to walk.

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