How to Allow Subscribers in Facebook (Detailing Tutorial)

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อ่านบทความนี้เป็นภาษาไทย จะอนุญาตให้คนติดตามเราใน Facebook ได้อย่างไร

Although Facebook have had this option many months ago, but many friends ask me how I can allow people to subscribe to my Facebook profile. In my opinion, this feature is better than to have a fan Page, because I do not need to go to 2 places to post the same thing. Similar to Tom Anderson (Tom Myspace), he stopped using his old fan page, and used this option instead.

1. Allow the Subscribers

Look at the tab underneath your profile picture, you will see “Subscription”, just click on it.

Now you should see something similar to the picture below. Just click “Allow Subscribers”.

2. Allow the Subscribers to comment on your post

After the step #1, you should have the “Subscribers” tab underneath your profile picture. Click on it, and you will see “Edit Setting” on the top-right corner. Click that button, and set everything follow what I have in the picture below.

3. Make your profile public

Click on the “Privacy Settings” near your name on the top-right corner. Scroll down until you see “How you connect”, and click on “edit setting” in the same line as “How you connect”.

This small window will pop up, and now you just need to set your profile public to everyone to look at.


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2 responses to “How to Allow Subscribers in Facebook (Detailing Tutorial)

  1. JeJe

    ถ้าอยากให้จำนวนผู้ติดตามขึ้นหน้า wall ทำไง


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