Flood situaiton in Bangkok

Dear friends,

This is the first letter after I faced flood. I’ve just bought a notebook and have to find wireless for response to my closed friends’ email. If I stayed in upper price resort, I would not be difficult to find wireless. By the way, all resorts were full with other people who faced flood before me. And because I have a big dog and my mother who is not able to walk; so I cannot easily found a residence to serve these conditions.

By this flood time, I cried about 3 times after flooding just 15 days because of my discouragement. Oct 26, the flood was high until I could not find any bus back home from working. Moreover, it’s the second day flood happened nearby my office. Fortunately, after asking for help from many pick-up cars about 45 minutes, I saw a soldier truck. I wanted to ask them to take me back. In the meanwhile I sat on the back; I saw how many troubles incurred on Thai people. These sceneries of flood situation discouraged me and made me cry. About 100 years, all of Bangkokers have never met this damage situation. At first I thought that on such day, I would not be able to back home to see my family…..

Flood in Bangkok

The second time was happened after I tried so hard to find an ambulance and a room to stay. It’s useless to call so many times by many days to any governmental departments although they’ve announced all times that they will help all flooded people. Everyone had to help himself. Finally, I got both requirements at Petchaburi province but I did not have anything with me although I prepared so long time to stock stuffs for this flood. This made me so tired and boring until my tears dropped without intention.

The last time is today, when I write this letter and try to gather all situations, but I still alive to fight flood as well as after flood! All because no one even the Prime minister can confirm when the flood will be ended.


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2 responses to “Flood situaiton in Bangkok

  1. molly

    Hi Jit,
    It’s heartbreaking to know what you’ve been going through at this time of the year because of the floods.

    I know you are devastated.

    But Naveen is correct, always remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

    I share in prayers for you and your family to be strong in this frustrating times and for the floods to find its’ way out so you can all move on.

    I am trying to contact your daughter but no reply. Hope she is well.
    Please let us know if there’s anything we can help you with.

    Have faith my friend, you are in our thoughts.


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