If you looking for full collection of CD/DVD of your favorite band!

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Have you ever tried to find all CD/DVD of your favorite bands or your favorite movie star? I believe that many teenagers are doing this. Some really need the actual new CD/DVD, and some do not care to get the second-hand stuff from others.

Panic! At The Disco (Live in Chicago) and J Pyromania

We can call this situation, “consumer need” or in Buddhism way, “lust”. Do you think that these Albums, Tapes, DVDs are worthier than the money you spend? If they get a good music, “yes”, and Vice Versa. On the other hand, we can find a super cheap store as Book Off at NYC.

When I was young, I did not learn much about life, so I always spend a lot of money for new released, but about couple years ago, I bought the second-hand things.

Some of you may have “illegal download” in your mind. Illegal Download is just like to steal, to rob and corruption. I had talked about that in here.

Pretty Odd, Panic! at the Disco

The real reason that I decide to write this post is just to ask you, “Why can we see 2nd-hand albums around online store?” There are only 2 reasons. The first one is the owner needs money. The second one is the owner does not like the band/star at all.

The second reason could gain more populations for sure. When they decides to sell what they had like, that means they feel, they was foolish for a long time to like those bands. Although they can get their money back to their wallet, but they will never get the time they spent back to their life.

We can notice that most adults are not the addict of anything, but the youngers do. This is because they have grown enough to consider about the future.

If you, my friends are still looking for some other CD/DVD to fill your collection, please take my words with you, “one day, you will regret.”

My full collection of my favorite band, Zi:Kill

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