American Architecture Class

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A little bit about my background. My pen-name is The Sw Eden or the name of this webblog. I had beed an architecture student in bachelor degree, and now I just finish my master degree of Interactive and Digital Media. Back to those days, when I was the architecture student, most of American students did not believe that Frank Gehry did a good job in his design. It is truly how the American think. Like, if you try hard, you will get it, or everyone can be the president if he/she keeps pushing him/herself.

“He just did a crazy stuff, then he got famous.”

I heard this sentence many times from many friends. They did not just say it for the famous architects, but they also said it for our professor. Although I disagreed, but I could not help. This is the American tradition. When the professor left the classroom, they would ask me, “Did he say shit to you?”

At this back stage, they hate the professor, but when they are with the professor, they will show off a lot. Everyone wants to be the best of the class. Everyone need the highest grade. I had had an experience on a group project. I am with some American student, and he spoke really good, although he was not the one who worked hard. Our professor also thought that he did work hard.

I do not care about that anymore. The hard road of the architecture student was finished. When all kids grown up, I hope they will know their responsibilities. I wish they will not hurt anyone anymore.

Let’s jump back to talk about the professor. At the first class of all semesters, everyone needed to make a first impression for the professor, because all the human beings have their own bias inside. Anyway, it is a good thing for the students to show what they can do at the first time.

For the worse case of the professor with the bias, I apologise that I have to say, he was really foolish. He could not remember the work of each student from the previous class. If the students showed the same work form the previous class, he would think that it was the new work.

Among these weird professors, I also have good professors who brought his students to learn in the actual place. I have the professor that comments my work to develop my design, not against my design. There were so many professors that said only, “I don’t like it, please change it.” That has never help the students to be a good architects.

My last year of the architecture school, I almost met the good things rather than the bad things that I met in the previous years. Now I am happy about what I get. My friend told me about her job. I am also happy that she has a good boss. Nice people should be with nice people. I wish that could happen to my life, too. Even I have a lot of bad experiences about the credulous boss, but I still believe that once, I will meet a good boss. If not, I will be the good boss to others.

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