How IAC Interactive Corp of Frank Gehry can be in NYC

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If you have been in New York City as well as me, you will never think that this kind of building can exist in there. Mostly, we will see only box-like building and some other geometric shape, but IAC building is organic-like form. When you look at it, you can image about many things; bark of tree, underneath-water sand on the beach, until the cloud during earthquake.

Whatever you like it to be, I would describe how it can stand in New York City.

The experience we can have directly from the architecture is only when we are in real-time space. We will never experience this building from others’ photographs. Matthew 11:15 “Listen, then, if you have ears.” If you have never been there, I will describe you my experience.

My architecture professor, Rockwell asked me to look at the glass facade of this building, because I was looking for the glass that people outside could not look in, but people inside could look out. When I walk around the building, it was exactly what I was looking for. Even I stood very close to the glass, I could not look through it. I took the photograph from outside, and I walked into there. I asked the security guard if I could take the photograph from inside-out, but they said, no. When I was in there, I could looked out easily; but I guessed that at night, it would work opposite as same as all other glass facades.

Let’s jump back to talk about the day-time look. Whenever the facade can reflect the environment around it, then it can stand everywhere. When I walked around the building during the day time, the angle of light from the sky reflected the facade and went into my eyes. The only thing I could see was cloud. Right now, please imagine. The image of cloud is moving pass the organic-shaped mirror. This proves that IAC can stand with the space above and also the environment around it.

How about at night? Even I have never walked to there during the night time, but I got a postcard from at the help desk in the building. It showed that this building turned all the light on from inside, and it was only the bright object among all darkness. From the eyes of human, we could not see any other rivals anymore, so IAC can stand here at night, too!

If you are the anti-famous-architects, I recommend you to read another post of mind, American Architecture Class. Even I have talked about IAC or other good architecture designs as MMC Plaza, Green Architecture Design, Citicorp Center Building and The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, could you tell me if I can be a good architect.

Thank you from the author,
The Sw Eden

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