How to upload file via FTP at Internet Explorer

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อ่านบทความนี้เป็นภาษาไทย “วิธีอัพโหลดไฟล์ด้วย FTP ทาง Internet Explorer”

Today, I got a message from my friend “Vivi”, I guess she got curious about what I talked about FTP uploading, so I told her, I will make a simple tutorial for her, and for anyone in my blog.

If you have never heard about FTP, it is a URL that your Web Hosting will give you to upload your file onto their server. FTP also exists on DeviantArt premium account.

You need to use it with Username and Password, which can be the same one you use to log in to your web host, or they can be the different on. Some web hosting allow you to make more than one FTP account for you to share the server space with your friends.

Let’s start

You must not steal this article to post in your own blog/website. Please respect our blog owner.

1. First Log on

1.1 Open Internet Explorer
1.2 Type/paste the FTP address into the Navigation Bar and press Enter (Return)
1.3 You will see a small window pop up with 2 blank spaces for you to enter your username and password.
1.4 After you input your username and password, click “Log on”

2. Open the folder

2.1 Click on “View” at Menu Bar and click “Open FTP Site in Window Explorer”
2.2 You need to confirm your username and password again.
2.3 After you finish, click “Log on”

3. Upload your files

3.1 After first two steps, you will see a new Windows Explorer window pop up.
3.2 You can drag and drop (or copy and paste) your file and put in the folder (Directory) you have on the server.

** The uploading time may be slow because almost all internet providers provide the upload speed half-way slow that download speed.

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