No The Academy Is, then No Music

Being a music addict had been the way I had grown up. My name is The Sw Eden (สว อิเฎล). I had liked many bands and many artists, but I will not like any of them anymore.

I liked Chinese and Cantonese music when I was in primary school.
I liked Thai country music when I was in middle school.
I liked J-Rock and Metal when I was in high school.
And I like Alternative Rock when I was in Undergraduate school.

The reason I disliked what I had liked is I found they are not nice people. Some musicians promote their side-project by step on where they were from. They tried to explain that their main bands are not good enough. Some musicians did everything just for money. Some musicians could kick the founder of the band out and took the band themselves. I am a human being, and I cannot like these people, even their music is good.

Some fans do not care about the artists’ behavior, because of their bias and lust. I believe that if they grow up, they will understand how I cannot like all those bands. In tern of “grow up”, I does not mean the age, but it means the one knows what he should do or should not do.

In 2009-2011, I have listened to an alternative-rock band called, “The Academy Is…”. I attended their show when I was in New York City. At that moment, I could read them that they were nice people. I accept them to my favorite band, and I listen to their music with happiness. Although I listened to many other songs, but The Academy Is was the music that I feel good with. I have never praised them as God, and I also have never thought they are my rivals with the similar ages. The only thing I want it to be is, to meet the achievement.

During this time, I was happy that the world has this band. At least, the nice people were famous. I tried not to care about bad famous people, which you can think who they are. Although The Academy Is…’s music is not the best, it could give me all these best feelings, while I was listening.

Late 2011, my world has never been the same anymore, after I got the new that The Academy Is split up. It is the first band I cried for. I cried a lot. If I compare it with some other band I had liked, I liked those bands more than The Academy Is, but the reason I cried for this band is, that how I love it is my real love; but I liked other bands with bias and lust.

After The Academy Is, I will never be into the music anymore. My life has a lot more things to worry about. I have to get a good job, and have a good life. I was born to serve my country, my parent and also myself. I have been a nice people who helps everyone around me. I will be just like that. Now, I grow enough to know what I should do or should not do, but I will never forget a band called, “The Academy Is…”.

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