2 Different Persons were born in the same day.

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When I was young, I watched a TV show that looked for people with the same name and same surname around Thailand. It shows that different people with the same name do not have to be in the same position. The one I can remember is “Sanor Tientong”. The guy whom all Thai people know is a politician, and the TV show showed other people with this name. Some was a chef, and some was an athlete.

Thai people believe that the name is very important. If the one has a good name, the one can simply achieve success in life. This is the reason that many people have paid a lot of money for the specialist to calculate the number of the name for them.

For today, I would like to talk about the date of birth. Think about a female act that the woman likes to read the fortune for their own birthday. Like, if you was born in the 1st day of the month, you will be this kind of person, etc.

I got 2 friends who exactly were born in the same day, same month and same year. I found they are very different. One was my classmate, and the other was my neighbor. My classmate was very soft. One knew how to talk nicely, and knows how to adapt oneself to be with others with happiness. On the other hand, my neighbor was very noisy. One always screamed and showed off. One said that one would do this – do that, but one never did anything one said.

Who could tell me what is the fortune stands for if it does not tell exactly what kind of people born in each day of the month? Why people still read that and feel happy if they find something funny about their own day. In my opinion, it is a good thing to make other happy. We can still keep this kind of birthday fortune to make the world full of smile.

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