Did King Taksin have a mental disorder?

The Sw Eden, “I will never believe that King Taksin of the Thonburi had a mental disorder”

© 2011 The Sw Eden (สว อิเฎล)

When I was young, I had to study Thai history as well as other countries do. The government has never tried to lie to me about the history, because almost all annals in the world always lie to their readers. The winners or the last persons are those who wrote them. The government only bring the pure information from those annals for the students to read.

Currently, everyone in Thailand has freedom to think. It does not like 500-years-ago monarchy. Thailand has a constitutional monarchy, as well as England does. That’s why I write this article.

If we read the book about Somdet Phra Chao Taksin Maharat, it will says that he got a mental illness, and then he was executed.

Today, Thai people found a new ancient document says that King Taksin Maharat of the Thonburi, his family and his minister moved to the south of Thailand after 1809. He gave all the responsibility of the King to Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke (the first king of Chakri Dynasty – King Rama I).

After that, Phraya Phichai Dap Hak (the loyalist minister of King Taksin) asked King Rama I to execute him, because he could not stand to have two King his life. He could love and be loyal to only on King.

From that new-found document, if King Taksin did not die, Phraya Phichai Dap Hak would never ask King Rama I to execute him. Phraya Phichai is one of my historical heroes, and I know that he fought in many wars. He protected Thailand (Siam) from the enemy. He would know how important he was, and he had to live to save Thailand. This means, the case of Phraya Phichai told us that King Taksin was executed.

Please consider about another point, could 15 years with the wars make someone getting mental disorder? And if everything ends every nicely, why do we have to move the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok?

I was born in Thonburi, and I have travel to many ancient temples. Most temples are more than 300 years old. This means Thonburi has been an old city since Ayutthaya period, and it proves that King Taksin chose the right place for the new capital. We should not have move the capital to Bangkok.

Another thing that can prove that Thonburi could be a better capital is the land is higher than Bangkok. Late 2011, the water flood Thonburi, but does not flood Bangkok (even Thonburi is higher), because we did not vote for Pheu Thai government, and most politicians’ homes are in Bangkok.

If you are interested in Thai history, you will notice that the original capital was in the north part, and we moved to the south to establish Ayutthaya, and we moved to Thonburi and Bangkok. This is because the ocean became the land by mangrove forests. From this paragraph and the previous paragraph, it means Bangkok had been the ocean while Thonburi was the land. So Thonburi should be more stable to be the capital rather than Bangkok.

This execution of King Taksin makes me think about my favorite King Tabinshwehti. Both cases are very similar. If a minister had other family members in the high positions, it is very easy for him to take down the king, and also easy for him to make the loyalist.

I always remind myself when I read the the history book. As I wrote before, “The winners or the last persons are those who wrote the annals.” Bayinnaung (After Tabinshwehti, and Before Nanda Bayin) had a very excellent annal, because Nanda Bayin was his first son.

Think about it. You have right to think.

© 2011 The Sw Eden (สว อิเฎล)

Atula Thiri Maha Yaza Dewi and her son “Nanda Bayin” in Black Tongue game


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