How to work with SEO Scores

These are the common ways to increase your SEO scores of your websites.

1. Back-and-forth links with relevant sites with the same keywords. This means that, you need to make your website as the center of spiderweb. As we are the beginners with website design, we could use free sources to connect our site with other sites with the same keywords. The free sources are as following:
– Youtube: the video with the keywords in description
– Facebook: The page or photo posts with same keywords
– Twitter
– Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University website
– hi5: if you could have it
– flickr: photo or video with keywords in description
– deviant art: photo, drawing, multimedia with keywords in them
– bloggang
– exteen
– ฯลฯ

How to work with SEO Scores

2. The text that you create the hyperlink on it also need to contain keywords, too.

3. Contain at least 2 keywords in the content, 1 in the title, and one in URL. These keywords need to be popular keywords, which you could find how popular they are at Google Keyword Planner

4. Make Google know your website by using Google Webmaster Tool.

5. If you got images/photos on your website, you need to put alt text and width & height. The alt text also need to contain keywords.
for example: <img src=”” width=”500″ height=”375″ alt=”this is such a so-damn-hot chick”>

6. Something Google does not like are “CSS display: none” content, and HTML meta-tag keywords. So if you need to hide a link, just make your text very small, or the same color as your background.

Example of no-use code:
<span class=”hiddenclass”><a href=””>ลิงค์ที่ฉันอยากซ่อนมากมาย</a></span>
<style>.hiddenclass {display: none;}</style>

How to work with SEO Scores

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