Wonder Woman Movie Review

Reviewed by Ratajit (Thailand)

Review Wonder Woman 2017

Wonder Woman, a heroine movie which is not like another hero movie because:
Positive review
1. The movie is the beginning of a heroine but it’s always interesting not boring or too slow like normal movie of team forming such as Ant man, Dead pool, and Super man, etc.
2. All presentations of the movie are for all ages i.e. no blood even it should have; no sex even it may has some plots.

Review Wonder Woman by Ratajit

3. It shows that men gossip about the actress instead of woman. Actually, in the real life; there are some situations that men always gossip about others not only women do as it’s up to one’s habits.
4. It’s the first example for feminist hero movie to do the right things.

Negative review

In the plot that Wonder Woman said in the council which had only men in the meeting; her speech should be more official and interesting than the movie. Especially, if this compared with her all speech in the comic book.

Ratajit Review Wonder Woman

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