It is annoying to be with leaders without leadership? (Thailand context)

S.W. Eden

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I don’t want to put my real name around this post, because it may have some effect in my career. If you want to mention this post, just cite me as “the Sw Eden,” which is my long-time pseudonym.

I have worked in a large university in Thailand. Right now, most of the deans, vice presidents, and the president do worry about the decreased number of young people, because it would cause a lower rate of freshmen in the upcoming semesters. However, that is not the major problem that I would like to say in this blog.

Based on the fact that some students today are very aggressive, teachers play an important role to teach them to be a better person. The aggressive students would not listen to teachers’ work, but they are like to to fight against their teacher both directly and indirectly. They used their cell phone to take the photo, record the voice, and video, to show to other teachers with a higher position in the organization. My friends told me her experience that her students recorded her voice when she blamed them with a loud voice. These students showed the clip to some vice president and said that she was an unreasonable teacher. You know what? My friend told me more about this that she got blamed, because no one believed her words that she tried to teach her students to be a better person.

Thai cat students in nan boat
Figure 1: Thai cat

In my opinion, I think that some may believe what she said, but they concern about the students more than the teachers. This is because the number of students is the major factor that cause the business stability for the university. The university must not make the students unsatisfied. If they did, the students would spread the words and it would result in a lower number of new students in the following years.

Maybe, I would say that I need to see the actual leader with a truly high leadership quality. The one should be someone that fairly listens to both teachers and students. The current teacher evaluation system may need to be canceled because it makes many teachers are not dare to blame the students.

I wish the university should be a better place than now. I hope for the best. I wish Thailand would have more of good students, the one with good skills and good manners.

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