Summarize All 11 films of Halloween

Written by Ratajit
Concluded by Ratajit |November 12, 2018

**The summarize all 11 films of Halloween movie written by Ratajit for the Halloween movie fan-club to read or others who are interested in this movie. These is Ratajit’s copyright which is not allowed to copy. However, Ratajit allow one who wants to use this article for educational purpose but he or she has to refer source of the article, and Ratajit name, too.

Summarize All 11 films of Halloween

1. 1978 (BE 2521) Halloween
Ratajit has never seen this film although Ratajit tries to find the film even when travelling to USA but not by website. Ratajit knows from other film that Michael Myers kills her teenage-sister.
2. 1981 (BE 2524) Halloween 2
Ratajit watches this film as the first film which makes Ratajit’s inspiration to watch the following film until now.

3. 1982 (BE 2525) Halloween 3
This film is an only film that no Michael Myers is in the film but the story is still influenced the viewers.

4. 1988 (BE 2531) Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
This film is very interesting because Michael Myers is back. Michael Myers kills Jamie Lloyd but not her baby. She hides her baby before she died.
5. 1989 (BE 2532) Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
6. 1995 (BE 2538) Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
The baby survived from the 4th and the 5th film is back in this film.

Halloween movie review

7. 1998 (BE 2541) Halloween H20:
The situation in the University owned by Laurie after 20 Years later.
8. 2002 (BE 2545) Halloween: Resurrection
Many teenagers go into Michael Myers’ house to shoot the film of Michael Myers.

9. 2007 (BE 2550) Halloween (Rob Zombie)
Michael Myers is a grown man in this film and escapes from the mental institution to kill people.
10. 2009 (BE 2552) Halloween (Rob Zombie)
Michael Myers wear beard and always unmask. This slasher film is too violent in every shot when Michael Myers kills his victims.
11. 2018 (BE 2561) Halloween
40 years since Laurie Strode survived from Michael Myers on Halloween night. She has to fight after Myers comes back to Huddersfield to protect her daughter and her niece.

Halloween movie review


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