When I am forced to do an awful thing by my employer

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Many time in our life, we have to do something we do not want to. Like, we are forced by others who have a higher power than us.

I worked as a university lecturer in Thailand. Many Thai people in the workplace may not have enough knowledge about the use of intellectual property. Those people who rule the university want to push the university to be in the top 100 of world ranking. One of the factors to accomplish this goal is to have a lot of pdf files in the website of the university.

They created the sub-domain for all faculty members. Each has to upload at least 300 files, especially pdf file onto the website. To have many pdf files will help promote the university in ranking. The question is that where these files are from? Who could create their own files at this number? Who could write 300 lessons in this short period? The answer is that many employees have to scan the books written by others to upload in the website. This is a kind of copyright infringement.

Forced to lick horse boss employee employers copyright
Figure I: Forced to lick

In fact, I have about 50 files that I initially uploaded to my website before the university started to use the mentioned policy. This is because I wanted my students to read them. I am the owner of those files. I wrote them by myself. However, I found that my faculty will hire someone to download all of them out of my website (actually all the website of all faculty members), and re-upload them onto the center-website of the university. If that, I will no longer have the control over my intellectual property. They will not actually credit anyone on the file. All they need just only to increase the number of files on the website.

Then, I made a decision to remove all the files I wrote out of my website. I scanned the books of others, but with a very low quality, for no one could read them. I used only 10 percent of each book. One file per one page.

I feel that it is not a right thing to do. I am depressed. I feel very bad. I hate if someone scanned my book to post in somewhere else, but I am forced to do. I am very sorry. I think my decision is good enough that the quality I used is unreadable. I hope that everyone would understand me.


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