Teaching in Business Computer Program

S. W. Eden

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Teaching in Business Computer Program

This is the second time that I have a chance to teach students in Business Computer program. I heard many teachers who are in Management-related program that students in these programs were very bad, and worse than students in Communication Art and Media Art program. However, what I found is that they are very nice as well as students in Advertising, Public Relation, and Animation program.

First, these students came to class on time. I do not have to wait them to open the room for me. It is worth to note that my school is weird. One of students in each class has to go downstairs and borrow the key and keycard to open the room. Many teachers in my school got problem with it, because students do not want to borrow the key. If Mr. Sid borrows the key, he has to be the one who returns the key, which means that he has to be the last one who leaves the class.

Second, these Business Computer Students were not so noisy in class. They often listen and take a note. I do not have to shout or blame them. I am not sure if this is the nature of Business Computer students, or it is because the groups of student I taught were the fourth year students. Therefore, they are very good at lecturing and very responsible.

teacher and student nice not aggressive

I was very surprise that the last time I taught Business Computer students, they bought me a birthday cake. That was the second cake I got from my student in 7-years experiences as a teacher. Earlier, I got a birthday cake from Animation students in the evening class. I was very happy and have positive attitude toward Business Computer students as well as Animation students.

I think myself that when I have a positive attitude toward someone, they would have toward me, too. This is because the attitude has an effect on the way I behave. Although my teaching style is not much different when I taught them or other students in other majors, the way I express or communicate might be different. Like, I may smile more often to the group of the students I like. This way our communication or interaction is positive. Students could express what they feel and want to come to class.

At the end of the semester, I always got some award for students with a high score. This semester, I grew tiny cacti for them, and I also bought some cute pens for someone who did not want to take the cacti. They are very different from students in Communication Art and Media Art. In Business Computer program, both male and female students love cactus a lot, while only female Communication Art students love cactus.

Finally, I got a positive comment from a student, one wrote in the –additional comment– part of teacher evaluation sheet that I always got many different learning material for every class. It makes the class interesting and one could learn from it very well. In fact, I have never seen any students write something positive for their teachers. Most students who love the class, they would rate the class very positive, but they did not provide additional comments for it. Only students who hate the class would write bad things about the class. In many classes I had taught, I got a positive evaluation, but without any additional comment. This is why I am very excited about Business Computer students.

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