I got a Positive Stereotype for Fat People

S. W. Eden

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I got a Positive Stereotype for Fat People

When I was very young, I got a fat female friend, and her name is Krisana. Her skin was black. I think her race is Indian mixed with Thai. She was super nice. She protected me from school bullying. Back in those day, I was the youngest and tiniest in class, but she was the biggest. She got bullied, too, but not as hurtful as me, because some were afraid of her. Today, I still miss her.

I also got a super nice art teacher. He was a fat Thai-Chinese guy. That time, my school allowed teachers to hit their students with wooden stick. He hit the student less often then all other teachers. I also got many A(s) from him, because I have been very good in art classes.

fat people fat pigeon nice

Not long time ago, I took a class with a fat American teacher. He was very excellent. He could explain statistic very clear. He told me that the poll indicates that most people did not likely to provide their information to fat research investigators. That’s why some researchers had to hire a slim one for data collection.

Before late 2018, I really had a positive attitude toward all fat people. I am about 30 years old. 30 years without meeting any bad fat people. I thought they were kind. However, I should not stereotype people even it is a very positive stereotype. That is because I would be hurt and disappointed. I want to tell the story about late-2018 experience.

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