Got a Very Positive Teacher Evaluation

S. W. Eden

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Got a Very Positive Teacher Evaluation

In this semester, I got a very positive teacher evaluation. This is very different from the past semester. I found that how much I got in the evaluation is not about me, but it is about the students. Most of the worksheets (about 70 percent) and teaching style are the same. I just adapted some part of them to be suitable for the students. This is because I was with Film, Journalism, and TV students in last semester, but in the current semester, I was with Advertising and Public Relation students. I had to change the vocabulary in the worksheet and some exercise to be a part of something they have to learn in their programs.

The way I taught in this semester is very similar to the past semesters. Although some activities and worksheets are different, I try to let them play and have fun with the activities in class. I saw many of them having fun, too. Some stated that they liked how I let them do something other than lecturing.

The only problem I got is with a small group of the students. It was about a quiz. I had two sets of lessons about (1) advertising and (2) public relation. Some of them are overlapping. For example, something they have to know about campaign, stakeholder, and rhetorical strategies. I told them that I would give a quiz about advertising in the first week, and about the public relation in the following week. There was no problem in the first week, but there was in the second week.

teacher evaluation students are nice

A small group of students found that I added something about –running a campaign– in the part of the quiz about public relation. They were unsatisfied because in the lessons, campaign was in the part of advertising. In fact, I did not want to agree with them. They should know that –campaign– could be found in both schools of knowledge. Moreover, it was just one week pass. It is weird that they could not remember things from the previous week that they just took a quiz.

I did not want to argue with any students, even with few of them. I took that items out from the quiz and I let them know. I just want to say in here that if I were them, I would not inform this to the teacher. If they were in other school, some teacher may not be nice to them like this.

Anyway, I feel I am okay with these three classes I got in this semester. Most of them are super nice. They were noisy sometimes, but they could be pulled back and concentrate with the class. I told the vice dean in faculty, that if it was possible, I wanted to teach Advertising and Public Relation students again. None of them are aggressive, as the previous groups of students I taught.


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