Worst Experience in Buddhism Camp, Thailand

S. W. Eden

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Worst Experience in Buddhism Camp

About 5 years ago, I went to a camp with mother. The camp was run by an organization and they invited a Buddhism monk to teach 3 days in the camp.

I brought my iPad, a very old iPad, to the camp to take the note of the teaching. I have been a very good student in lecturing in any level of school. At that time, I had a positive attitude with Buddhism. I took a note since the first class that monk gave. I can type things in iPad very fast, but a little slower than when I take a note by handwriting.

Worst Experience in Buddhism Camp how to enlightening suck

That monk was very impolite. He raised a bad example which was me. He said that people using the technology did not pay attention to the one in front of them. Moreover, during that 3 days, I wanted to go home earlier because of that monk. I have a small argument with my mother, because of that stuff. That monk saw it. Then, again, he raised a bad example that only bad child had an argument with the parents.

Having an argument to people living together is very normal. Using iPad, laptop, or tablet to take a note is very normal, too. I really really do not like that monk’s behavior.

While the mentioned monk is the anti-technology, there are too many new monks using too much technology. Many Thai Buddhist monks, today, are social network addicts. There are only a few monk I know can use technology properly. These few monks use Audacity and Audition to record and cut their own teaching, put the files into CD and have their own Youtube channel. Some create the website for their own temple, and answer the question of the website visitors who ask them online about Buddhist principles.


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