University Lecturer attends a conference, What do Students get?

Proud Arunrangsiwed

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As I attended ICISW2018 which is an international conference occurred in Suan Sunsndha Rajabhat University, I think that it does not only benefit me as the lecturer in this university, but also my students. Before now, I think I had only few experience of presenting research study inside my own university. Normally, I go outside Bangkok and also outside my country, Thailand.

This time, I have a chance to learn and see things around. I want to send 4 papers of my students to a conference arranged by the graduate school of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University soon. These students would give the presentation inside the university. This means I could retold my recent experience to them of what to prepare, and how friendly the faculty members in this university are. I think it is nice for them to reduce their uncertainty.

Moreover, I liked to add the lesson about media literacy and equality into my class, such as Comic Study class and Customers’ Behavior class. The topic my paper is also about these issues. I think it is helpful to get the suggestion from chairman. It could be a way to develop my teaching and the lesson I arrange for my students.

This is how I think that when a professor attends a conference, students are also benefited.

After Attending an academic conference Proud Arunrangsiwed Students


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