Very Nice Experience in TIMES-iCON 2018 Conference

Proud Arunrangsiwed

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I attended an academic conference in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference was arranged by Mahidol University. It is TIMEs-iCON 2018. It has been a very professional conference. They provided the proceeding in CD, and they also published some article in their supporting journals. Their journals could be searched and found in Google Scholar, which is a good opportunity for the authors to be cited.

The paper I submitted to this conference is about prosocial media. I wrote the whole paper by myself, but I got some friends’ name on it for the government sake. I heard that if I did not put their names on my paper, my program would got a big problem. The only good thing to have their names on my paper is that I could remember my paper well. This is because I often publish and present 10 papers a year. And if I have just my name on my paper, I will confuse when I cite myself.

People I met in the conference date are very nice. They are very kind listeners. They did not asked me a weird and dead-end question after I presented my paper. I got a bad experience, before. When I went to an academic conference in somewhere outside Bangkok, I got blamed by the chairperson and that made me do not want to attend the conference again.

That was about 7 years ago. That time, I was not so skillful in writing research papers. I think, even I was not skillful, the expert one should have not blamed me that hard. This experience taught me to be a nice chairperson. I tried to provide positive comment and reasonable question.
If I had to blame some researcher, I would provide 2 praises, but only one negative comment.

This way, people will like to conduct research and attend the conference. I think it is a good thing to keep conducting research papers. It is a way to develop the world as a whole. That would be a major reason that I like this conference. They are nice, and their got a precise schedule. They do what they promised. They did not just show the name of the journal on their website to persuade the participants, but they actually published the accepted paper in their journals.

Mahidol University Proud Arunrangsiwed


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