Experience in Academic Conference TIMES-iCON 2018

Proud Arunrangsiwed

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I sent 2 research papers to a conference in Thailand, called, Times-icon 2018, which was arranged by a faculty in Mahidol University. It was a very good conference. They tried to keep everything right according to the schedule. One of the paper was written by me, but I added the name of my friends because the government would check every year if each faculty member attend at least one conference. That is what I have to do.

For another research paper, there was my name and my students’ names. In fact, they did not help me write the research paper, but I tested the outcome of prosocial media consumption by young children. The animation used in the particular study was produced by this group of students. The animation is very cute and nice. These students were asked by my boss, the president of Animation and Multimedia program, to go to a number of schools and show their animation to young children. She also wanted these students to collect the data about satisfaction toward animation.

I thought it was not a right thing to collect the data directly from young children, so I asked the Ethic Committee in my school about the way to collect data from young children. Then, I know that parents or teachers have to be the ones who interviewed individual child. Therefore, I told this group of students to collect the data this way. They asked the teachers of those institutes to help them in data collection.

Although my boss told the students to collect the data about children’s satisfaction, but I told these students to do a different thing. I let them do the pre-test and post-test, before and after media exposure. Both tests were simple quiz asking about what the tourists should do when they are on the beach or in the boat.

The results of the study was as the expectation. They could learn well from the animation. This group of students were really proud of their media. They could make people understand what to do to protect the environment.

Finally, I would like to say that I really like both this paper and also the conference, TIMES-iCON 2018.

Mahidol University Proud Arunrangsiwed

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