Foreigners could Help Promote Thailand Floating Market

cite this article: Arunrangsiwed, P. (2019). Foreigners could Help Promote Thailand Floating Market. Retrieved from

Some Thai people may consider themselves as minority and some minorities discriminate against minorities themselves. I could describe this more simply by raising some example. In many contests or competitions in Thailand, if the foreigners join the contest, they always received the awards. Some Thai people also like to purchase the imported products rather than buying made-in-Thailand products. I think this contrast to how Thailand could export traditional products, which are liked by foreigners. I mean, they should be proud of their own stuff, and not to look down on it.

floating riverside market Thailand Amphawa floating market

If you are not Thai, and you are reading this journal, I would like to ask you to write something or do some bigger things, in case, you got more power. Those Thai people would listen to you rather than me. I am just a Thai lady. It is not just the issue that the minorities discrimination against the minorities, but some part of patriarchy still exists in our society. The voice of women is not as loud as men, even when women are the listeners.

It is important to note that I posted this article in this webpage before I put everything together and submitted to the university. In other words, I owned the copyrights of this article or blog post, and later, I reused this copyrighted material in the research report. Similarly, I wrote an article for a conference in Phayao, and later, I used the article for the research report. That also means, I owned the copyrighted material before reusing it again in the research report.

The opportunity to improve the quality of life of Thai folk in floating market area is in your hands. Write it, speak about it, promote Thailand in the right and proper way. Thailand is beautiful, and there are so many places waiting for you to explore.

floating riverside market Thailand ตลาดน้ำคลองสนามไชย Sanam Chai Market


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