Riverside Markets could Represent the Most Part of Thailand

cite this article: Arunrangsiwed, P. (2019). Riverside Markets could Represent the Most Part of Thailand. Retrieved from https://sw-eden.net/2019/12/31/riverside-markets-represent-thailand/

Riverside Markets could Represent the Most Part of Thailand

Every time, I watch Hollywood films that shot some footage in Thailand, I found that those directors or filming location managers like to go to dirty places, such as slum and pub. They always include prostitute as a part of some scenes. I really hate to see that and I think that other educated Thai people who know their own country very well would also hate that.

The question popped up in my head is why they did not shoot their films in regular places representing Thailand. In my everyday life, I experience much-better places than those places in American films. I normally go to university, public library, shopping mall, and especially floating markets or riverside markets.

floating riverside market Thailand วัดท้องคุ้ง พระประแดง

In this journal, I would like to talk about floating markets and riverside markets in Thailand. These places could represent Thailand very well. I think it is million times more representative for Thailand than those slums and pubs in American films.

Floating markets and riverside markets are very great places to visit. People could spend 1 to 3 hours there. They could walk around, take photos, and enjoy their lunch. Foreigners could learn Thai life in here. It mixes between the traditional one and the adapted one. Rare foods and snacks are sold here. It is a good idea for foreigners or tourists to eat something else rather than Pad Thai. There are various foods waiting for you to try.

Moreover, people could enjoy feeding swai fish. It is a kind of cat fish that people around the world usually eat. Swai fish in Thailand is slightly different. I do not like to eat it that much. It skin is oily and thick. However, if you like sort of thing, you may love swai fish, too.

It is important to note that I posted this article in this webpage before I put everything together and submitted to the university. In other words, I owned the copyrights of this article or blog post, and later, I reused this copyrighted material in the research report. Similarly, I wrote an article for a conference in Phayao, and later, I used the article for the research report. That also means, I owned the copyrighted material before reusing it again in the research report.


ตลาดน้ำดำเนิน Thai Craft Damnoen Saduak Floating Market


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