Pessimistic teachers in Thailand University

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Thailand Education Teachers Students School University Classroom Studying Learning Activities วัดเขาถ้ำสูง Temple golden statue

I am a teacher or you could call me a university lecturer. I live in Thailand. That’s my country. I generally teach art and design class and sometimes they assign me to teach English related to media production or research. In my office, some of my friends, who are also teachers, often say bad things about their students. I think it is okay to discuss about the students of their problems, so we could help one another solve such the problem.

However, one of my friends does not do it this way. Let me name this guy, Tony. I don’t want to stereotype based on the race or genders, so please imagine that Tony’s gender is n/a. Tony always rails one’s students. Tony said that almost all of his/her students are irresponsible, rude, and lazy. I don’t believe him/her. I told him, like, you know that some of your students are bad, because there must be the good ones, and that made you able to recognize who is worse then who. Then, Tony said that less-than-10-percent of the students were good. However, I think that is impossible.

Days later, again, Tony start to said bad things about other teachers or lecturers. He said he is the only one who is reasonable, while others were too emotional and aggressive. Based on all these things, I think I found that this guy is too pessimistic. I tried to pull him up to see the world as other friends, but he refused. The pessimistic people may not be able to harm others, but once, they start to said bad things around, that is very dangerous. As we all understand the media effect. When we are with the friend who repeatedly say bad things, our attitude might be changed, too.

Thailand Education Teachers Students School University Classroom Studying Learning Activities วัดท่อใหญ่ ราหู
Thailand Education Teachers Students School University Classroom Studying Learning Activities South side of Verrazano Narrows Bridge


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