Proud Arunrangsiwed changed her plan?

This is me, Proud Arunrangsiwed in 2020. I got an old file from a folder in old laptop. I saw my old note about my plan. Right now I finished the doctoral degree already. Things have changed for me. I will never feel the same anymore. My boss was gone. He is still alive, but we do not need to talk a lot like in the pass.

Proud Arunrangsiwed changed her plan university lecturer or novelist

My old plan in 2013:

My name is Proud. I am an instructor in SSRU. I have been here since winter 2012. I plan to work here until I finish a doctoral degree, because in SSRU, I may come to school only for teaching and meeting, so I would have time to study a doctoral degree. After I finish my doctoral degree, I will leave this school if my boss is not changed. There is another option I could choose, that is I will move to Salaya campus, the new campus of SSRU, and I wish that my boss would not go there. I just want to get away from him.

What I do like is to have a freedom and to be famous. I need a liberty to speed myself to be as great as I could in my career of instructor. And I need to have reputation about my artwork, my novel, and my poetry.

I do not like is selfishness. Buddhism does not teach me to hate bad people. It teaches me to hate the bad behaviors of those people. Whenever their bad behaviors are gone, there is nothing to be hated on them.

Proud Arunrangsiwed changed her plan university lecturer or novelist

My old plan in 2020:

I will wait to see the upcoming semester. I realize myself lately that I did not want to be that famous, but I want my artwork and my second identity to be famous. Therefore, I will try to find some free time to write my novel. However, if my current job is too busy, I will leave this job and stay at home to finish my novel. My life will never meet achievement, if I do not begin my novel or finish it yet.

And another thing to note here. I do not care much about the religions anymore. Ideas of many current good people are more realistic.

Proud Arunrangsiwed changed her plan university lecturer or novelist

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