Sample Short Films Script or screenplay with whole actual movie

All Rights Reserved by Proud Arunrangsiwed, Shirley Young, Wella Zhang
This is our lovely project, and thank you a lot for the watching and cheer.

Shirley : Could you please help me with this homework?
XXX1 : Get away from me!
Shirley : Could you please tell me how to do this homework?
XXX2 : You are stupid, who care?
Shirley (walk away with sadness) : No one help me, so I am gonna find out how to do this homework my self.
LIBRARY walk in get to the book shelf
Shirley (pick a thick book) : This is book No.9, mostly 9 is the answer for everything. It should be the answer of the homework, (open the book) Who is this girl?
Sweet (touch Shirley sholder) : What are you looking for? Do you need some help?
Shirley : Of course! could you tell me what is 9SI?
Sweet : Well, that’s 9 super intelligences
Shirley : Wow! that’s a pretty great answer, you are so clever
Sweet : Could we be friends?
Shirley : Why not?
Sweet : Right now, you’ve done your homework, why dont we go outside and play?
Shirley : Fantastic! Here we go!

Short Film for Short Film Contest Asia Asian girl movie script screenplay screen play

Sweet play the swing, and Shirley come in
Shirley : Hey Sweety! Could I play with ya?
Sweet : Sure! let take a seat!
Shirley (get on the swing, sweet push her back) : Wow! this is crazy funny!
Shirley (no Sweet in the shot) : Did you play this everyday? Really? My parents always brought me to the park when I was young. Yes, that’s right, they love me so much. I think it is better if they are here.
Wella (walk in and could not see Sweet) : Hey girl, why do you talk alone?
Sweet (stop play the swinging and stare at Wella) : Are you crazy? My friend is right here.
Wella : You the crazy! (Wella shrug and walk away)
Sweet and Shirley run around and look at flowers (no talking, but play the background music)
FEILD in front of CASTLE
Sweet and Shirley hold each other’s hand and swing around the feild (very happy + laugh)
(Music stop when Sweet ask Shirley to go somewhere)
Sweet head up to the sun : My dear, could you please wait me a minute? I am gonna go get something for you.
Shirley : Okay
Shirley walk in side the building, she feels scare for some reason, and slowly open a cabinet. (with heart beat music)
Shirley found “Missing”
Shirley (very frighten) : What! Sweet was missing since 2001, and no one found her after then. Who did I talk with?
Sweet (stand at Shirlet’s back) : What are you talking about?
Shirley (like heart attack! Scream and run)
Sweet (Very angry) ++with “Andy Sixx” Make up


Short Film for Short Film Contest Asia Asian girl movie script screenplay screen play

Both run along the walk way in castle
Shirley got into a dark room, she touches things around.(sequenct violin music)
Shirley scream, because she sees Sweet in front of her. (Music stop when Sweet appear)
Shirley run again.(Drum as music)
Shirley run from the dark door to the middle feild of castle. She drops the book, and run back to get it.
Take video of Sweet Foot Step
(exited music for whole clips)
Shirley see Sweet follow after her back. She runs to Right, and see Sweet at Right. She suns to left, and see Sweet again.
(exited music for whole clips)
Shirley stop at the toilet. She lock the door, she could not see Sweet.
Shirley scares and sit on the toilet.
Take the short of Sweet’s foot step. Sweet push the door of each room.
Shirley : What is gonna happen if I tare her picture in this book?
Shirley prepare to tare but Sweet get her before.
Sweet : Be with me forever, my dear.
Sweet crushes Shirley neck,
The book falls down and close itself. (excited music stop)
Take to video of silent Quadrangle
Wella walks from the middle of Quadrangle. She normally get into the toilet, and she found a book on the floor.
Wella sees Sweet and Shirley.
Sweet’s and Shirley’s hands touch on Wella shoulder.
Wella turn back and scream!


Short Film for Short Film Contest Asia Asian girl movie script screenplay screen play


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