Cybernetic Tradition and Thailand Culture Transformation

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I wrote this as a part of decision making to select the theory tradition for my PhD proposal. I am Thai, and I think I should learn about who I am.

Cybernetic Tradition and Thailand Culture Transformation theory research hypothesis

I am interesting in cybernetic tradition. This is because, this tradition seems to integrate some part of sociocultural tradition and some part of sociophychological tradition. We know that sociocultural tradition focuses how the large society affects onto the individual human, and sociophychological tradition believes how individual difference constructs the form/belief of the society. The cybernetic tradition could explain both points of view through the theories called, “information-integration theory”, which are “expectancy-value theory” and “theory of reasoned action”. Both theories provide clear formulas describe wide range of situations, that people would make a decision, belief or action according to the personal traits, previous experiences and outside factors.
Cybernetic Tradition and Thailand Culture Transformation theory research hypothesis

Although these two formulas might not be able to fully calculate as numbers, but they give the idea how the factors establish the attitude of an individual person at a moment of time. Both formulas have two dimensions, which are the factor and the weight of each factor. The theorist also puts sigma symbol at the beginning of the formula. This shows how an attitude could be formed by various situations. How various situations influence a single attitude is similar to a good quality study, that when a researcher adds more variables, the less error occurs in the research.

Cybernetic Tradition and Thailand Culture Transformation theory research hypothesis

These variables could be both individual traits and outside factor. For example, a person who was born in a peaceful family, he grew up as a peaceful guy, but once, he became an Facebook addict, and absorbed the politic violence on Facebook, the weight of the addiction began to be larger than his prior identity. His attitude through toward the politician could be changed. How people make a decision to buy something online could be considered in the same way. They might love to purchase something at the tangible store, because the store is touchable and reliable. Later, if they found that their friends always comfortably buy things online, the weight of outside factor could increase, and change their attitude about online store.

How cybernetic tradition could explain the complex system of thought and attitude could benefit the future research, and also the organizations. This tradition could help the organization to predict the buying behaviors. If we could know how to give the right factor to change the attitude of customers or target audiences, we have the power over those who do not know.

Cybernetic Tradition and Thailand Culture Transformation theory research hypothesis
Cybernetic Tradition and Thailand Culture Transformation theory research hypothesis


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