Thai floating market and COVID-19 effect

Thai floating market and COVID-19 effect

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class students online learning COVID-19 crisis examination Thailand

Today is the last day that folk markets can still open in Bangkok and other big cities in Thailand. I visited a floating market to find something to eat and I hope to see what I could help. I found that half of the shops or stores were closed. They may be afraid of the COVID-19 or just because it had been raining since the morning.

Usually, I would see Western and Chinese tourists in this floating market, but today, I could see only one foreigner. He was from India. Other people who came and walked around the floating market are all Thai visitors. I was one of them, too. At that moment, Thai people did not fear India people, since there were no infected report from the particular country. Indian tourists could walk around freely. It might sound funny that later the news press in Thailand reported that there were many infected people from India, but they just did not have the virus test package.
class students online learning COVID-19 crisis examination Thailand

My favorite food shop did not open in that day. I had some noodle there and bought some local food back home. As I did a research project for floating markets in Thailand, I pinned the new location for many shops and began to create the English menu for some of them who needed it. I sometimes feel that my project was useless for now, because all floating markets would be closed due to COVID-19. My project will be useless, unless the government announced that they could reopen the local business. I think it might be about 2 months from now, but no one could tell how last-long.

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class students online learning COVID-19 crisis examination Thailand
class students online learning COVID-19 crisis examination Thailand

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