Real Experience of How Teachers due with Bullying

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When I was in middle school in Thailand, I got bullied by some students. They said bad thing about me and social-isolate me. I did not tell teachers, but teachers could notice the bullying. They stopped these classmates once when I was grade-6. The same classmates did it again when I was grade-8. The teachers stopped them again. I do not know how to thank my teachers. My teachers helped me even I did not ask.

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That was about 2000, there might not be a lot of research studies about the bullying at that moment. Recently, I read some papers about the bullying. The scholars found that students who got bullied would be low in self-esteem. I was not sure if I was also low in self-esteem during the middle school time. So, what is the strategy to heighten the self-esteem in the victim of bully? I would like to tell you about the strategies that teachers in middle school used to me.

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I know I am good at art. My skill is moderately high compared to other students. That was yhe thing I know that I am good at it. However, there was some other thing that I have never been good at. Handwriting is something I cannot do so well. In the middle school time, my school arranged the handwriting contest every year. Teachers asked all students to attend to contest. If we submitted the work, we would get extra credit in language class.

It was very weird that I won some price every year. Although the teachers did not vote my work as best work, but my work was the second or third place. I think it is not impossible for me to win the handwriting. Even I got the rewards and certificates, I still did not believe it. I think it is the way teachers tried to improve my self-esteem due to my experience being the victim of bullying.

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It made me feel somewhat better. Although I know my own handwriting ability, at least, became someone in the class. I am not just nobody. Thanks the teachers for the reward and everything you did for me. In fact, I like the award better than to stop the bullying for me. Award is what I actually got, but to stop the bullying is not the true stop. People just pretended to be nice to me, because they were afraid of the teachers. I cannot feel good toward them. It was fake.

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