Thailand Current Politic Situation, a voice of Thailand 2020

Some told me to spread my words about Thailand politics, since I have foreign friends on my Facebook.

Thailand has an actual democratic election in 2019. It was the fairest election system ever. All the votes were counted, unlike the previous system that yielded benefits to only Pheu Thai Party. Although some young people believed that we were currently under the control of military government, because of the prime minister (Prayut), we actually had the fair election. The 2019 election results showed that most of Thai people preferred the management systems and policy of prior Prayut government during 2014-2019. It is not about which side is the soldier/military or the rich businessmen, but it is about the one who can mobilize the country as the whole into the right direction.

I am a voice of Thailand. I do not aspect that the western news reporting company will like my voice. Some outsiders only want to hear bad things about other countries.

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