I have to move my body to where my heart is.

When you start to realize that you are just like a part of Mayday Parade song. If I were to stand and die here, ‘Cause my heart is somewhere else (Still Breathing). Yes, my heart is somewhere else. It is not here. Like, you want to sing an Avenged Sevenfold song (Afterlife), that I don’t belong here, we gotta move on dear. I want to move both my physical and emotional part.

I am bored. My job is somewhat boring, but some part of it is still good though. In everywhere, every place, you have to due with someone you like and don’t like. Me, too. How about if someone you do not like stay on top of the food chain. And this guy tried to kill someone you like who are on the lowest part of the food chain.

This provide me with the answer that I do not want to be here at all. May I just get out from this food chain? I am just waiting for the right time, right moment to move myself to the better place. I do not want to die here. I have to move my body to where my heart is.

moving to somewhere else

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