Injustice of Thai Employees in Thai Organization: Failure of System

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One of my friends called me on phone and told me what happened in the organization that I just left. She is a very diligent officer, and so sweet friend to me. We have identified with one another since we have fallen into the same situations.

Thailand organization officers employees

She have done a kind of report for many years. She knows how to work with it and knows how to complete it very well. In fact, this report is the job of more than 10 officers in her team, but they have never helped her. When she asked them to help, they just escaped by saying that their kids, their parents, their brothers got sick. She said that these liars are so lazy and irresponsible.

When I was in that organization, I always saw her came to the office very early. She worked harder than many people with higher wage. She can feel that the system is unjust. Then, she planned to leave this job.

Thailand organization officers employees

The last year that she had to complete the boring report. She persuaded other officers to help her and learn from her about how to write this report correctly. However, no one wanted to come. They did not want to learn anything from her, even it was their last chance to know how to do it. These people have never touched this work for many years, and they got expected that they do not know how to do it.

Certainly, next year, they are going to face a big problem. Without her, they have to do everything by their own, or they might look for new employee and transform her or him to the future slave. I wish that the world is more justified. Good people cannot be in bad organizations.

Thailand organization officers employees


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