Don’t Donate Food for Cats and Cat Lover: Real Experience

It is easier to donate things to the dog-only foundation. Month ago, I found an advertising of a foundation with street cats and street dogs in my current country, Thailand. Remember! The foundation got both dogs and cats. Since I hate cats a lot, I ordered only dog food (40 kilograms of dry food) online and shipped to the place. That’s a way to spend money only for dogs, even the place got both cats and dogs.

However, when I try to contact the head of foundation to take a photo of the shipped product for me to confirm to the online shop; the head of foundation was very mean. They do not care to take a photo for their aiders. It’s weird that these people were so aggressive on phone. The foundation should have been polite to people who donate. Isn’t that right and normal?

Because they got cats in their foundation, I think they are infected with toxoplasmosis. That’s why they are very aggressive, mean, helpless, and heartless. Later, I seek for only dog-only foundation. I have got lessons to learn.

cats suck I hate all cats and cat lovers

cats suck I hate all cats and cat lovers

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