Arunrangsiwed’s feminist comments for DC Comics Women

Cite as: Arunrangsiwed, P. (2021). Arunrangsiwed’s feminist comments for DC Comics Women. Sw-Eden.NET.

DC always mobilize the society, but comic gatekeepers try to pull the society back to the patriarchal era. These people are not only here at DC’s related sites, but they are around. DC comics and other media production company, as a whole, should ignore these true villains and their negative media reviews. Please keep creating more positive stuff, encourage fans, and that would create a better future for the whole world.

The best movie of the year. Thank you WB for releasing this at the time that people around the world need hope. This movie is perfectly beautiful and provide us with the new perspective toward superhero movie. It shows the truth of human kind. Sometimes we may not get all we want, but we need to move on and move forward and at least we could make the world better for people around us. I also admire the idea of the ending. The villain did not need to be killed or physically hurt, but the villain understood what he should actually do or think about. This is the real happy ending. Real happy ending is THIS. It is not about to kill the villain or the marriage of prince and princess.

I am a DC fan and I know that DC is the future. They teach people and continuously change the world a little bit everyday. Although many people cannot accept this movie or other stuff that DC teaches, like diversity and equality and queer in their TV shows, I believe that someday the world will be better than this, and when we look back and watch this movie (or even Birds of Prey), we will say, wow, that what we have watched and lessons we have learned. This movie is a piece of stone used to constructed the road to the better future. We just need to attach it in the right place, not to throw it away somewhere else.

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