Uncle Nilrup, The Corruption in Thai Educational Institute (Part 1)

Uncle Nilrup, The Corruption in Thai Educational Institute (Part 1)

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Let’s name a fictional character who was that dishonest idiot, Uncle Nilrup. Uncle Nilrup was not rich, but loved corruption a lot. He got low skills in academic work, but high skills in cheating. Uncle Nilrup registered in an affordable course to get both master and doctoral degree. He hired someone else to collect the data and write the thesis and dissertation for him. All works were done with low quality and low standard. Uncle Nilrup should not have earned any degree by using the works. However, he visited his advisor’s house. He cleaned the house and became a temporary domestic slave. He did his slavery job for 6 months, and then, he passed the thesis defense. He also did the same thing to pass the dissertation defense.

bad people are more horror and horrible than ghost

After the graduation, Uncle Nilrup applied for a university lecturer job. He had to publish research papers in journal or conference proceeding every year. However, he did not know how to do it, because he had never done any research by himself when he was a student or a PhD candidate. He copied the work from younger co-workers and threaten them not to tell other people. He also asked a language expert to translate other’s English research report to his native language. He put his name on the report cover to pretend that he conducted the particular study. Turn It In could not catch that plagiarism, since it was written in different language.

Later on, when he got older, he wanted to make more money. He invested a lot of money in a luxurious house. He gave that house to the head of the institute. The head of the institute was pleased, and persuaded everyone in the board to vote for Uncle Nilrup to be the next president.

patriarchy in organization allow men to steal work and literature of women

However, other idiots in the same organization did the similar thing. Uncle Nilrup decided to service the current president at home. No one knew if he became a domestic slave again or he became the adulterer of the current president.

After he finished all these dirty tasks, he got voted to be the president of the organization. He chose the new university board. All honest people were kicked out. New cheating people were in. Uncle Nilrup wrote new policy for the university. The new system, he created, allowed him and his team to make a lot of money, the dirty money.

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ghost is not as horrible as cheating people who control system in university

life is so dark when you are alone in education institute with bad people


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