Uncle Nilrup, The Corruption in Thai Educational Institute (Part 2)

Uncle Nilrup, The Corruption in Thai Educational Institute (Part 2)

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All the good people in the organization were without any power. They could not change anything. Then, a heroic employee reported all the dirty work for Uncle Nilrup to the government. The government sent an officer to observe the corruption, but Uncle Nilrup gave him the bribe and asked him to write a positive report of observation.

plagiarism need to be washed away by the creative and colorful generation

Uncle Nilrup got back to work again. He hired a computer geek to look for IP address of the heroic employee who previously reported the corruption to the government. After that Uncle Nilrup knew who the heroic employee was. Uncle Nilrup started to plant the negative evidence for the employee, as same as, some police plants drug to innocent civilians. For example, Uncle Nilrup created fake evidence that the employee did not join an important meeting, did not dress right, did not come to work on time, did not follow the organization rules, and so on.

Uncle Nilrup messed up that employee’s life and biography. Uncle Nilrup fired that employee, and the employee could not apply for other job anymore due to the (fake) dirty biography.

dog is hungry because they need food, but people are hungry for money and fame

After the case, no one in the organization ever tried to take Uncle Nilrup down. They all lived with fear. They had to work harder, more stressful, and voiceless.

As an outsider, I think it is a good idea to write this post for all my friends who provided me this information. This kind of corruption is not occurred only in one university, but many of them. Many students blame the government that they do not have good instruments, computers, classrooms, or other supplies. In fact, they fight the wrong person. The government actually provides enough fund for all public university, but most part do not directly benefit the students, because of some demon in between.

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Cite as: Eden, S. W. (2021). Uncle Nilrup, The Corruption in Thai Educational Institute. Sw-Eden.NET. https://swedenofficial.wordpress.com/2022/09/24/corruption-education/

the good and powerless people are still hope for the best for a better university

I wish the blossom somewhere among corruption system


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