Karma suck! Diligence and Honesty don’t make you good employee.

If you work hard, they won’t promote you, but ask you to work harder.

by The Sw Eden

Excellent employee will never get promote because they think that they are stupid

When we were younger, our parents and teachers taught us that diligence and honestly were good quality of employees. Every organization needs this kind of people to work for them. Teachers in school and university also grade their students based on both quality and other required knowledge and skills. If you are entrepreneur, you will need these people to work for you.

On the other hand, some people are head of the organization, but they are not entrepreneur. For example, the president of university or the governmental organization. These leaders may or may not feel that the organization is theirs. They may try to take the advantage as much as they could during the years in-office. Therefore, will they really need diligent and honest people to work for them?

One of my close friends is not so friendly and talkative, but she is very diligent and honest. She works hard, and her work is good. It can be used in final project or actual presentation without additional editing by her boss. I and other employees know that her work is pretty good in quality, quantity, and timely. However, she has never been promoted or admired.

Should we hire honest employee to be manager

governmental organization does not have entrepreneur

Karma suck! Diligence and Honesty don’t make you good employee.

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