Normal Distribution is not the solution of students’ Grade

Grading system is not something complex, but people in higher position in educational institute were those who try to make it hard. Teachers should be free to grade their students based on the actual quality of work, project, and exam results. However, there are those people who control the system. They have the idea that all students’ grades have to fit in normal distribution curve.

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students drank water it is not a class I expect them to see

Many times, normal distribution curve is impossible for project-based learning or online class, where teachers assigned more assignments, and let students do less examination or quiz.

Lately, these kinds of class activities were preferred by those who control the system, but they still need to see normal distribution. The location of where I am talking about is Thailand. These students were Thai students. None of them are international or foreigners.

As the results of changing in evaluation and class activities, the grading is affected, too. For example, I assigned students to create short films by speaking English, and each performed as 2 persons talking to one another. Since they are TV broadcasting and film students, they could do very good at this. They had time to practice as much as they wanted before they filmed themselves. Therefore, overall grades are somewhat high.

racing between students in class it is like running to get good grade

When I submitted the grades, most students received A and B, rather than B and C, as those class that more than half of the scores or points were based on examination results.

What I would ask or conclude here is that we must change attitude of the people with high positions in education institute, whether they are dean, president, entrepreneur, or manager. They must understand the nature of students and their ability, rather than rely on normal distribution.

Students are not the same we cannot treat them the same or give them the same grade or GPA

Students are different in background but we can teach them in project based learning class

Copyrights by the Sw Eden, 2022

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