Repeating Meeting, good or bad for employees?

Cite as: Eden, S. W. (2022). Repeating Meeting, good or bad for employees? SW-Eden.NET.

In an organization or company, sometimes, there are hundred employees and each of them is not assigned with the same amount of work. The employer or head of organization does not treat them the same. Some got into the company by using connection of some important people. These employees might not be excellent, and they have less amount of work. Some employees do not have any connection, but they work fully and diligently 8 hours a day.

Hard working people is slave not a manager

In a meeting, where all people in the company have to meet, the lazy people with connection always like to show up for other to see, while people with a lot of work do not want to waste their time with unrelated topic in the meeting.

An organization, I and my friend had worked for, got so many kinds of employees with different hegemonistic support. These people do not need to work hard or work well, but they got promoted very well. However, people, who work hard and work good, will be assigned to do more work and more work every year. The head of organization or the lower level of boss or manager knows that we are responsible and we can get the work done on time. They think that we can handle every difficult task and hard work. Yes, we did, but we got more stress and depressive because of the unfairness.

Excellent employee will get depression if lazy one got promote

In the meeting, we have to listen to those who have never work hard. They are loud, while we are voiceless and have to do everything according to what they think. Many times, the topic and content of the meeting are repeating. They talked about the same thing over and over again. They just need to take photos together and fill in the evaluation form or make a beautiful report for external auditor to see.

Once, they arranged a meeting for them to talk about a new group of stakeholders. My friend and I were very busy, but we still went to the meeting, because it is the thing to do. That day, 3 people in the board of directors did not join the meeting because they said they had family issues. Later, in the same week, one of those people could come, so all employees had to come to the meeting again. They all talked about the same thing, and we all had to listen to the same thing. Nothing was different. They just wanted to present about this group of stakeholders for the man to hear.

stakeholders manager board of directors

A week after that, they asked everyone to join the same meeting. They confirmed that this time all people in the board of directors could come. However, we, the people who have a ton of work, knew what they were going to say. We did not have anymore time to waste by listening to the same old sentences and watching the same old slideshow. Then, one third of employees did not go. Me, too.

Do you know how they had done to us? They took a lot of photos in that third meeting. They made a report based on that meeting. In the report, we were the absentees, regardless our present in first two meetings. They deleted all the photos they took from prior two meetings, too. More than 10 employees including me felt like we got betrayed. We are the ones who work hard and did not have time, but this is what they had done to someone like us.

I realize that we are just people who work hard, devote time and thought for the organization, but without hegemonic support. Without people like us, the organization will not be able to stand. However, we are worthless in the eyes of those with higher job position. What should we do? Should we still work for them? or just quit.

Poor employees who are too good and they treat them worthless

employees who devote to organization without any support


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